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Cynthia McLeod The President's Daughter & The Richest Freeborn Lady Human Nature Films Mark Rutte
Cynthia McLeod The President's Daughter & The Richest Freeborn Lady Human Nature Films Mark Rutte
Cynthia McLeod The President's Daughter & The Richest Freeborn Lady Human Nature Films Mark Rutte
Cynthia McLeod The President's Daughter & The Richest Freeborn Lady Human Nature Films Mark Rutte
Human Nature Films is a creative, unique, and dynamic production house. We operate under the philosophy of giving people with urgent, relevant stories a voice. Making a difference with film content, touching people, and initiating dialogue.



Mildred Roethof

Mildred is an experienced creator and producer. Since 2011, she has been the creative director of the production house Pluk Media B.V., which she founded, and Human Nature Films. She is the driving force and engine behind Human Nature Films. After working for various broadcasters and production houses for many years, she founded her own production house. Mildred coordinates all projects, manages the creative team, conceives formats and concepts, writes scripts, and is still frequently found behind the camera and in the editing room herself.

Aliefka Bijlsma

Aliefka Bijlsma is active for Human Nature Films as a screenwriter and creative producer. With about 20 years of experience in the audiovisual sector, Aliefka served as the Creative Producer for the films 'Mannen van Mars' and 'Zomer Zonder Mama'. Recently, she wrote the screenplays for the feature films 'Zwanger & Co' and 'Marokkaanse Bruiloft'. In addition to her professional work, Aliefka also contributes to society: she has been involved with the AFK (multi-year subsidies), served on the mainstream committee of the Film Fund, and is a board member of the Network of Screenwriters and De Auteursbond.

Anouk Suntjens

Anouk is a freelance editor and junior producer at Human Nature Films. Drawing from her background in anthropology and political science, as well as her own boundless curiosity, she illuminates and investigates without judgment. With an open and penetrating view of the world and people's lives, she is always searching for impactful stories that reveal the authenticity of daily life. These stories may be surprising or deeply relatable. Through her societal engagement and passion for film and documentary, she creates content from a critical perspective, shedding light on subjects from unfamiliar angles.

Annemieke Semmeling

Anne-Mieke has been working for almost 20 years to promote mutual understanding and cooperation within large and small organizations, both in the public and private sectors. Building bridges, connecting seemingly opposing interests, and forming coalitions come naturally to her. She always thinks in terms of solutions, and with her humor and social skills, no challenge is too great. Anne-Mieke is a connector who plays an important role behind the scenes at Human Nature Films.

Mees De Klerk

Mees has become an indispensable part of Human Nature Films within two years as a junior producer. No question is too complicated for Mees. With a healthy dose of self-confidence, he tackles every problem. Thanks in part to his background in journalism, Mees never gives up and has a knack for digging for answers like no other. With his determination, he has made an invaluable contribution to the production of 'The President’s Daughter & the Richest Freeborn Lady'. All future projects of Human Nature Films are in good hands with Mees!

Michelle Broer

Michelle is a junior editor at Human Nature Films. After an eventful internship and obtaining a fresh Master's degree in Journalism and New Media, she became part of the HNF team in 2024. Michelle sees empathy as the key to every good story and aims to contribute to a more inclusive and diverse media landscape. She utilizes her almost encyclopedic knowledge of films to write unique stories and always has a refreshing perspective ready. With her critical journalistic eye and boundless enthusiasm, Michelle is at the beginning of a promising career as a writer and filmmaker.